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  Remote home and office computer support, training and virus recovery
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Is it safe to allow you in to my computer?
The software we use allows us to work on your computer remotely. You are in your home or office and we access it from our office. You give us a one-time passcode and we access your computer using it. You can watch us work if you like. You can drop the connection any time.

You watch as we work or learn from us on your computer.

Sometimes, we work the other way. Say, if we have software you don't we can show you how it works by sharing our computer instead of yours.

For more extensive work on your computer that may require restarts, we install additional software that you control when and if we have access to your computer to do backups or software installation or other work..
 Who we are -
When are we available
Unlike other remote support services, we offer personalized service provided by a PC technician assigned to you.

This service is not 24/7 support from other countries or impersonal call centers, but rather service from a personable qualified technician who learns about your computer(s) and your specific needs and is personally available for you.

We work at your convenience when you need us. Most of the time, that occurs in normal daytime hours but we do also work in off-hours for businesses to minimize office down-time.

New Software? If we do not aleady have experience with that special program, we will spend the time to familiarize ourselves with it and train you and/or your employees, saving you time & money.

Your PC(s) should be a tool to improve your life and make it more profitable to you. We take the frustration out of PC ownership and bring the results you need to reality.

- Virus removal
- Spyware removal
- Software training
- Email configuration
- Troubleshooting
- Scheduled overnight maintenance
- Drive compression
- Backups
- Data recover
- Safe software updates and maintainence


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The fine print: If we cannot fix a problem remotely, we may recommend a local professional to help you. If we attempt a remote repair and do not succeed, there is no charge to you.

Our rates are low and the help friendly and qualified.

Group rates for multi-person training.

Fixed rate retainer plans available.

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